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Julian wrote of the Trinity that: “wherever Jesus appears, the blessed Trinity is understood, as I see it.” Because Jesus is who he is, the Trinity is. And trinity is the English word given to the mind-bending revelation of humanity as an inherent part of divinity.

The trinity is less concept than relationship, and one of complete self-disclosure and freedom—there is complete intimacy and love. If the soul that the Trinity has made is, as Julian says, a “created trinity” then it should follow that it knows and loves itself in the same complete and unconditioned way. Or at least, this is its destiny.

In Jesus, the disciples are invited into God’s being. They become part of the mutual giving and vulnerability of being loved that is the Trinity. Every ascription of the Holy Trinity becomes an aide memoir of their glory and their destiny, and the community within which they are invited always to live, in the words of Simeon the New Theologian, to “share in His light, participate also in the glory, and their faces to shine like the Beloved’s.”