Special Passages

from Blessed Julian of Norwich’s
Revelations of Divine Love:

The Motherhood of God

The Joy of God in Us

Choosing Jesus for Heaven in Well and Woe

There is no Wrath in God

Mercy Healing our Wrath

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Dame Julian lived in Norwich, England in the 14th and early 15th century, and spent much of her life as an anchorite, a vowed religious living by herself in a small room attached to a parish church. Beyond this, little is actually known about her. What is known about her, and what makes her the patron of the Order of Julian, is her remarkable book, The Revelations of Divine Love. The Revelations are an account of and long reflection on a series of visions which revealed to Julian the depths of God's unconditioned love for us in Jesus Christ. After being nearly forgotten for 600 years, Julian's theology and gentle wisdom have now become well known.

Many of the key insights of her visions speak directly to the needs of the world today. Julian wrote, 'There is no wrath in God….It is the most impossible thing that can be that God would be angry, for wrath and friendship are two opposites.' Just as striking and as relevant to the 21st century is Julian's perception of the feminine in God. 'As truly as God is our Father,' Julian wrote, 'so truly God is our Mother.' The Episcopal Church celebrates her feast the 8th of May.

As Julian prayed often in silence, so the Order practices silent or 'still prayer' and intercedes for all. As the three windows of Julian's anchorhold cell opened, one to the altar, one to the room of her lay sisters, and one to the public lane, so the life of the Order looks, first to the worship of God, secondly to the support and strength of the wider community of the Order—our Oblates and Associates—and thirdly to the service of the Church and the world.


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