But our good Lord, the Holy Spirit (who is endless life dwelling in our soul) full safely keeps us, and makes a peace in the soul, and brings it to rest by grace, and makes it submissive, and reconciles it to God. And this is the mercy and the way in which our Lord constantly leads us as long as we are here in this changeable life…

The basis of mercy is love,and the action of mercy is our protection in love; and this was shown in such manner that I could not conceive of the property of mercy in any other way than as if it were all love in love. That is to say, mercy is a sweet, gracious working in love mingled with plenteous pity, as I see it. Mercy works, protecting us, and mercy works transforming everything into good for us.

Mercy, out of love, allows us to fail to a limited extent,and in so far as we fail, in so much we fall;and in so far as we fall, so much we die; for it is necessary that we die in as much as we fall short of the sight and sense of God, who is our life. Our failing is frightful, our falling is shameful, and our dying is sorrowful; but still in all this, the sweet eye of pity and of love never departs from us, and the working of mercy ceases not.

For I observed the attribute of mercy and I observed the attribute of grace, which are two kinds of action in one love; mercy is a pity-filled attribute which belongs to Motherhood in tender love, and grace is a dignified attribute which belongs to royal Lordship in the same love.

Mercy works: protecting, enduring, bringing life, and healing, and all is from the tenderness of love; and grace works: building up, rewarding, and endlessly going beyond what our loving and our labor deserves, spreading out widely and showing the noble, plenteous largesse of God's royal Lordship in His marvelous courtesy.

And this is from the abundance of love, for grace converts our frightful failing into plenteous endless solace, and grace converts our shameful falling into noble, honorable rising, and grace converts our sorrowful dying into holy, blissful life. I saw full certainly that ever as our contrariness makes pain, shame, and sorrow for us here on earth, just so on the contrary, grace makes solace, honor, and bliss for us in heaven, exceeding the earthly to such an extent that when we come up and receive the sweet reward which grace has created for us, then we shall thank and bless our Lord, endlessly rejoicing that ever we suffered woe.

And that shall be because of an attribute of blessed love that we shall discover in God —which we might never have known without woe going before. And when I saw all this, it was necessary to agree that the mercy of God and the forgiveness is in order to abate and consume our wrath, not His. [Ch. 48]

Although we, (by the wrath and the contrariness that is in us) are now in tribulation, uneasiness, and woe (as it falls to our blindness and frailty) yet are we sure and safe by the merciful protection of God so that we perish not.

But we are not blissfully safe in possessing our endless joy until we are wholly in peace and in love — that is to say, fully gratified with God and with all His works and with all His judgements, and loving and peaceable with ourselves and with our fellow Christians and with all that God loves, as love pleases. And this God's goodness carries out in us.

Thus I saw that God is our true peace and He is our sure keeper when we are ourselves unpeaceful, and He continually works to bring us into endless peace. And thus, when we, by the action of mercy and grace, are made humble and gentle, we are completely safe. When it is truly at peace in itself, suddenly the soul is one-ed to God, because in Him is found no wrath. Thus I saw that when we are wholly in peace and in love, we find no contrariness nor any kind of hindrance. And that contrariness which is now in us, our Lord God of His goodness makes most profitable for us, because that contrariness is the cause of our tribulations and all our woe, and our Lord Jesus takes those and sends them up to heaven, and there are they made more sweet and delectable than heart can think or tongue can tell, and when we come there, we shall find them ready, all transformed into truly beautiful and endless honors. [Ch. 49]


Mercy Healing our Wrath
from The Revelations of Divine Love